What is the best time to plant your hedge

Spring and fall are ideal for planting potted cedars and jute-covered basket cedars. As for root-potted cedars, they can be transplanted without problems from April to November.

When planting is done early in the spring, while cedars are barely out of dormant season, the signs of stress that could be caused by transplantation are barely existent. It is even common to see growth in the year of transplantation.

Since the water supply is made by the root system of the plant, it is essential to avoid periods of intense heat and drought.

Autumn has the advantage of offering a good recovery while requiring little care. The season is often rainy and, as the nights are cool, the soil tends to dry up less quickly. However, protection against winter desiccation may be necessary if the plantation is exposed to winds or is located at the edge of the hardiness zone.

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