SOS Cedars in distress?

By Cedriere Barbe | September 21, 2018

The overwhelming heat we have experienced in recent weeks has made us forget that fall is at our door. If your tuques and gloves are still tidy, the plants, on … Read more

How to protect your cedars

By Cédrière Barbe | October 31, 2018

Unless they are exposed to high winds or planted near the street, there is no need to protect Thuja occidentalis and Thuja occ. Nigra since they rarely show any damage … Read more

How to plant your cedar hedge

By Cédrière Barbe | April 8, 2018

To minimize stress for your cedars, protect them well during transportation and keep them in a shady spot until planting. Plant them as soon as possible and make sure they … Read more

How to plant your cedar hedge in poorly drained soil

By Cédrière Barbe | April 8, 2018

Thuja has good tolerance to many types of soil. However, they must be drain properly, contrary to a popular belief claiming that the Thuja grow in water: « Drown them! … Read more

What is the best time to plant your hedge

By Cédrière Barbe | April 1, 2018

Spring and fall are ideal for planting potted cedars and jute-covered basket cedars. As for root-potted cedars, they can be transplanted without problems from April to November. When planting is … Read more

Trim of your cedar

By Cédrière Barbe | June 25, 2017

Your hedge cedar, white or black, will only require an annual trim while providing you a screen all year while other varieties do not require trim at all. In the … Read more

Learn more about manures and fertilizers

By Cédrière Barbe | April 15, 2017

The fertilization of a cedar hedge is optional: it is not necessary for the good health of your hedge. However, if you wishes a fast growth, it would be interesting … Read more

Watering your cedar

By Cédrière Barbe | April 15, 2017

Watering (General indications) A freshly planted hedge should usually be watered once or twice a week during the first month in order to maintain soil moisture (this one will have … Read more