Need help choosing the right cultivar?

At la Cédrière Barbe we grow two broad categories of cedar: hedge cedar and ornamental cedar. Each type of cedar has its own characteristics and qualities, and it can be difficult to choose the cedar that best suits a situation. To facilitate your next purchase, here are some tips to guide your choice of cedars.

What privacy do I’m looking for?

Full privacy in the short term
👉 cedar hedge

Full privacy in the medium term
👉 Cedar Brandon

Partial privacy
👉 Smaragd and Holmstrup cedars

Which cedar STYLE do I want / need?

Conventional, rectilinear (wall form)
👉 cedar hedge

Ornamental: the cedar keeps its pyramidal or conical shape
👉 Smaragd, Brandon, Holmstrup cedars

What MAINTENANCE am I willing to do on my cedar hedge?

Minimal maintenance
👉 Smaragd and Holmstrup cedars

Light maintenance (trim each 2 or 3 years if needed)
👉 Cedar Brandon

Required maintenance (annual or biennial trim)
👉 cedar hedge

What is the SPACE available in my yard?

Large yard, lots of space available
👉 cedar hedge

Small yard, little space available
👉 Ornamental cedars (Brandon, Smaragd, Holmstrup)

What is the maximum HEIGHT desired?

10 feet at maturity
👉 Holmstrup

20 feet at maturity
👉 Smaragd, Brandon

Unlimited height
👉 cedar hedge

What is my BUDGET?

Limited budget
👉 cedar hedge (good to know: annual size to be envisaged in the budget)

Medium budget
👉 ornamental cedar

Take a few minutes to visit the page ‘our cedars’, you will have a more complete idea of ​​the possibilities offered by each cultivar.

Of course, our horticulturists remain at your disposal and will be happy to answer any questions that may arise during the purchase of your cedar.

Do not hesitate to visit us at La Cédrière!

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