SOS Cedars in distress?

The overwhelming heat we have experienced in recent weeks has made us forget that fall is at our door. If your tuques and gloves are still tidy, the plants, on the other hand, have have already begun to prepare for the winter.

Since the last couple of weeks, the growth of the year is changing into wood and soon, the needles that face the trees (near the trunks) will become yellowish, then turn red before falling. Do not worry, this is the autumnal moult.

Indeed, even if conifers keep their foliage all year long, they still release a portion of it in preparation for the winter. This phenomenon allows them to overcome foliage drying that could occur during winter days when temperatures are above freezing.

Plants stressed by transplantation, drought, poor drainage or soil compaction may lose more of their foliage than they would in a year under normal conditions.

If the season is not very rainy, it is good to do some good watering at the end of October to allow the foliage to store a water reserve.

Good autumn!